NUTRITION – Future Of Medicine 2nd Edition 14-15 December 2012, Cluj–Napoca

Posted on 24 April 2013

NUTRITION – Future Of Medicine 2nd Edition 14-15 December 2012, Cluj–Napoca

Simpozionul de nutritie si dietetica intitulat „Nutritia-Medicina Viitorului” a fost dedicat dieteticienilor, medicilor, farmacistilor, asistentilor, studentilor, realizat in colaborare cu Asociatia Dieteticienilor din Romania, Asociatia Nutritie si Sanatate, UMF Cluj-Napoca si Houston, a avut loc in perioada 14-15 decembrie 2012 si a cuprins numeroase teme de interes din acest domeniu. Printre participanti s-au numarat membrii ai Asociatiei dieteticienilor din Romania cu urmatoarele prezentari: Diana Suciu-„Importanta dieteticianului in Romania”, Laura Biris-„Promovarea unor obiceiuri sanatoase la copii”, Andreea Baba-„Piperul negru si efectele sale”, Laura Grecu-„Software de evidenta a pacientilor si analiza nutritionala”, Flavia Cornea-„Importanta suportului nutritional in HIV”, Dr.Deacu Liviu-„Carnea „alba”-o alegere mai buna decat carnea „rosie”?”. Pe langa lucrarile prezentate de membrii ADR, la eveniment a fost prezent Dr.Adrian Copcea cu lucrarea intitulata „Diete hipoglucidice in practica medicala”.

La eveniment au fost prezenti si invitati internationali din Ungaria, Reka Bozo Kegyes si Suedia, Elisabet Rothenberg reprezentanti EFAD(European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians).

Program Simpozion:

NUTRITION – Future Of Medicine  2nd Edition

14-15 December 2012, Cluj–Napoca

  Nutrition and dietetics convention  dedicated to doctors, pharmacists, nurses , students

Convention Schedule


Friday -14 th December 2012
8.30-9.30  registration; registering participants 




Opening speech , introduction of the event and lectors 



Conf. Dr.Gianina Crisan

Prof.dr. Doina Miere

Conf. Dr. Lorena Filip







Dietitian – a profession for the future  Brigitta Szekely – Romanian Dietitians AssociationDiana Suciu – Dietitians importance in Romania
EFAD guests from Sweden and Hungary European Union



Coffee break  


Carols – children group „Izvorul Ariesului” from Arieseni school








Diet, nutrition , medication 






Prof dr. Bojita Marius – Auto medicationSef lucr. Dr.Codruta Maier – Anti rotavirus vaccination

Conf. dr. Dana Hanganu – New tendencies in using indigene species of Sambucus in dietotherapy

Farm.Andrei Mocan – Plants from MIR


Sponsors Introduction

13.30-14.30 Lunch Break


Healthy lifestyle


Prof. Dr. Traian Bocu – Physical Activity – a part of a healthy lifestyleSef lucr. Dr.Lucia Lotrean – Personalized conciliation for a healthy lifestyle
Daniela Ciorba: Osteoporosis and dietary intake of vitamine KLaura Biris – Promoting a healthy lifestyle for children

Andreea Baba – Black pepper and its effects

Oana Stanciu- Role of the omega -3 fatty acids in osteoporosis 

Sponsors Introduction









Nutritional management adjusted for special physiological needs 






Laura Grecu – Software for tracking patients and Nutritional ReviewOstafi Carmen Therapeutic potential of probiotics in relieving type 2 diabetes

Fekete Iudita – Clinical and nutritional correlates in kidney stones

Maier Brigitta Beata – The role of nutritional factors in improving the quality of life of patients with Parkinson’s disease

Molnar Ervin -Retrospective: The influence of minerals on plant

Sponsors Introduction

Saturday-15 th DECEMBER 2012  
9.30-11.30 Alimentation, health and beauty 




EFAD guests from Sweden and Hungary Laura Grecu – Dietician profession

Dr. Copcea Adrian – Low carbs diets in medical practice

Dr.Psiholog Amfiana Gherman- Nutritional psychology

Flavia Cornea – Importance of nutritional support in HIV

Sponsors Introduction

11.30-11.45 Coffee Break



Workshop: Modern edibles and nutritional needs 



Dr. Deacu Liviu- “White”meat – a better choice than “red” meat ?


Sorin Lotrean – Food additives

14.00-14.30 End of presentations, discharging diplomas

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